ROOT-UP (À la racine)


4 times award-winning documentary

The Story of a Land, a Woman and her Struggle to Save her Legacy.

This creative documentary deals the issue of chlordecone-contaminated soils in Guadeloupe, FWI through the prism of a local female farmer. 

When Joselie, a former seamstress, inherits 5 acres of land from her late father, she becomes a farmer at age 48 ans. At that point, she discovers that her land is contaminated and that she cannot grow anything on it. However, she refuses to give up and is determined to save her land and live off it.

2017 | 27 min Title: Root Up
Original Title: À la racine
Genre: Documentary
Language: French & Créole with English subtitles
Country of production: France - Guadeloupe
Format: HD


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